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The AI Revolution Is On

The AI Revolution Is On warehouses are a bit of a jumble. Boxes of pacifiers sit above crates of onesies, which rest next to cartons of baby food. In a seeming abdication of logic, similar items are placed across the room from one another. A person trying to figure out how the products were shelved could well conclude...
January 31st, 2011 | Science & Technology | Read More

Technological Singularity – An Introduction

Technological Singularity – An Introduction
VERNOR VINGE, who coined the term ‘technological sigularity’ explains the what the concept means, its potential to be realized, and its possible consequences for humanity. 1. What Is The Singularity? The acceleration of technological progress has been the central feature of this century. We are on...
November 5th, 2009 | Big Ideas | Read More