Evolvers Spores: The Future of Psychedelics

Altered States — POSTED BY Amanda Feilding on February 10, 2010 at 10:27 am

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Evolvers Spores: The Future of Psychedelics

For millennia, cultures around the world expanded minds and visions with “teacher plants” – what we commonly know today as psychedelics. The widespread popularity of LSD during the 1960s awakened the Western psyche to these powerful substances, ushering in a period of wild experimentation that revolutionized art and music, inspired social movements, and opened new vistas of possibility for psychotherapy. But a swift backlash from the establishment made psychedelics illegal, repressing and marginalizing them as “dangerous drugs.”

Today, there is new potential for psychedelics to be reintroduced into mainstream culture, not as drastic catalysts of social upheaval but as tools that can help people overcome serious problems, explore mystical experiences, find inspiration, and understand more about consciousness and the brain. Psychedelic research with human subjects is underway again after a 35-year blockade, thanks to the efforts of non-profit organizations like MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) and the Beckley Foundation. Prominent newspapers and magazines are giving these substances another look, acknowledging their potential for therapeutic and spiritual breakthroughs if used with care. At the same time, the worldwide resurgence of interest in indigenous shamanism indicates a deeper maturity and respect emerging toward these ancient sacraments.

In this Spore, Evolver Regionals will explore and discuss the exciting new frontiers for psychedelics in our modern culture, as both scientifically verified medicines and intentional tools for personal development. Check the list below to find a Spore in your area. You can also email the regional host (via their group page) if you’d like to get involved in the planning of the event. If there is not yet a Spore in your community, email jonathan((at))evolver((dot))net to start your own

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  • MetaBaron says:

    What do you mean by “psychedelics”?
    Are they interchangeable?
    Is LSD a medicine in the same way as ayahuasca is ? What are the long-term benefits of either for “mainstream culture”?
    What makes anyone think “mainstream culture” is open to anything like this?
    Is there an assumption here that we live in an open and free society, and hence that what is good and true will have to surface?

    “Prominent newspapers and magazines are giving these substances another look, acknowledging their potential …”

    where are they? links, references?

    Making your career on psychedelic research is all well and good but please don’t get carried away, delusion is a well-known pitfall with these medicines.

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