Bye bye Windows?

Creativity, Science & Technology — POSTED BY Joe Murray on December 10, 2009 at 4:03 pm

Google finally made its browser, Chrome, available for Mac earlier this week. So far it’s pretty unremarkable, if anything a little faster than Firefox, but who cares?

Well… Microsoft, that’s who. And here’s why.

Everyone’s probably familiar with Microsoft’s recently revamped, re-branded search engine, Bing. Google has long been the king of search, and Bing is Microsoft’s way of trying to eat into their dominance. But less than 10% of people in the US use it, and that figure isn’t growing rapidly.

But just as Microsoft are eating into Google’s share of Search, in Google Chrome OS , which is Chrome’s bigger stronger little brother, Google have created a monster which they hope will end Microsoft’s dominance of the operating systems market. Which would mean, in short:

You won’t need Windows on your PC any more.

Bye Bye Windows… It sure was fun while it lasted.

Thoughts? Will a winner emerge in this clash of the titans? If you read this article please comment and help open up the debate.

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