For The Love of Goddess

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The inspiration for this poem was the realisation that Albert Hoffmann rediscovered LSD the same year the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and that ergot grows on rye barley, an ear of which was one of the ancient symbols for the Earth Goddess, Demeter, one of the principal matriarchs of the the ancient rites of Eleusis, hence… “was the seed of it psychedelia sent once more by the mother to heal us?”

For The Love of Goddess

Some men serve their mothers.

Some men serve their wives.

Some men serve themselves alone,

And curse their lonely lives.

Some men worship money.

Some men worship sex.

Some men worship TV,

And wind up nervous wrecks.

Some folk find their solace

In gluttony and booze.

Some folk feed on hate and fear

Enslaved to the latest news.

Myself I serve a single love,

though her names cannot be numbered

She breathes life between my lips each dawn

And nightly guards my slumbers.

Some say her name is Brighde,

Still others call her Mariah.

To the first she’s a virgin, pure and demure,

To the last a painted liar.

To me she’s an endless enigma,

A marvellous Misstery.

For to serve her with never a care for myself

Is my key to self-mastery.

As pristine as a cloudless sky

At the dawn of a perfect day,

She overflows with plenitude

And she’s always willing to play.

I worship her with passion.

I worship her with prayer.

I worship her with penitence,

And die in her scarlet snare.

And every death is perfect,

And every death is pure,

And every death is a single breath

As I knock upon heaven’s door.

From the first night we met, I knew myself blessed

As my heart flew to her like a swift to its nest.

At once I was lost, a lover star-crossed,

My senses a ship on a tempest tossed.

Endlessly she teased me,

Till I crumbled with coiled desire.

Then She bound me and released me

To dance in her Devi-lish fire.

She’s crazy and cruel but I’m a poetic fool

And I’m blind to her murderous madness,

For her love is my drug, it’s a virulent bug

That banishes sleep, sloth, and sadness.

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