Life Lessons from an ad man

Culture, Social Insight — POSTED BY Joe Murray on December 2, 2009 at 2:00 pm

Rory Sutherland, advertising mogul and self -styled “fat bloke at Ogilvy” gave this talk at TEDGlobal 2009 in July.

It’s all about the difference between tangible and perceived value- ie value that you can’t always see. In the world of advertising, Sutherland explains, they realize that many problems in life can be changed by tinkering with perception rather than reality. For example, when given the problem of making a train ride more pleasant, engineers come up with a solution to make it shorter, one that costs millions. He says, take not even half that budget and hire supermodels to walk the cars with Chateau Petrus. People will ask that you make the journey longer.

Breakfast cereal fans everywhere will certainly welcome the news about Diamond Shreddies.

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